The Grey Hare Cottage sits on an acre of land on Union Pier Road, a short drive, walk or bike ride from the beach.  Union Pier is a resort community that many have used since the 1900’s to escape the heat and congestion of big city life and enjoy the calm respite of Lake Michigan.  The Cottage was originally built as a small two-room “Pickers Cottage” when the area was full of fruit trees that needed to be harvested.  Our apple and pear trees are long gone but the yard is still beautiful.  It has space for lots of outdoor activities, either under the big spruce tree in front, on the swing in the backyard, or by the fire pit.

After starting as a Pickers Cottage the House was expanded in the early 1900’s to include indoor plumbing, a kitchen and the basic amenities of a seasonal home.  It was loved for three generations of one family as their summer retreat.  The pictures of the family through the years are hanging in the living room as a happy reminder of the joy the walls have housed through the years.  We were lucky enough to buy the  cottage just a few years ago and rehabbed it as a mother-daughter project.  The adventure took us several summers and we had mostly no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but we had a vision and sense of what we wanted to create.  The project was a labor of love and one, Taylor, the 23-year-old often quipped was going to give her grey hair!  Hence, that often retorted phrase plus the frequent grey hares on the property gave the cottage it's name.  We are happy to say we survived with a lot of help from family and friends who painted, encouraged and advised.  And, most importantly the local tradesmen and workers with talent and patience to put up with our vision of a retreat that reminded us of another time but with mid-century funkiness, and the craftsmanship to update the cottages old bones.  Our aim was for a vintage, yet modern cottage, with lots of historic details.  We hope you love the Grey Hare Cottage as much as we do, and find the calm that comes from being out in nature in this special little corner of Michigan.